Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Hi! Doc, Do You Really Care V. 2

A while ago, I blogged about my son's visit to a dermatologist. When it came to the date of the follow-up visit, I determined no matter how busy I was, I must go with him. My son was still hoping the doctor would prescribe him some kind of cream for his stretch marks. On the date of the office visit, we waited for two hours before seeing the doctor. We talked about those stretch marks again and complained the cream he prescribed last time was for dry and itchy skin. In addition it cost $60. I told the doctor it was unreasonable to pay $60 dollars for the cream. The doctor murmured to me or to himself he did not understand why the creams for stretch marks were so expensive. He went out for a while and came back with a piece of paper (see picture on the right). Obviously it was a $2 off coupon. On the coupon, words said "AmLactin XL Moisturizing Lotion Ultraplex Formulation. Locate behind pharmacy counter nationwide. Ask your pharmacist." The doctor asked my son to tried this over the counter cream and see how it worked. The appointment only took 3 minutes. We were scheduled a third visit.

With the $2 off coupon, I went to the pharmacy. I handed over the coupon to the gentleman at the drop-off window and asked him to check the price for me. Soon he returned with a box saying $29.99. I asked him what the cream mainly for. He explained that the ingredients information showed it was a heavy-duty moisturizer. I asked whether the cream was for stretch marks. He said he didn't see this information. I doubted whether he was a pharmacist and he said he was an intern. To make sure he gave me the correct information, he went to a real pharmacist and they both agreed the cream was only a superior moisturizer.

Here is the thing. My insurance paid $390 for the two visits while I paid $40. I didn't get the right medication and useful information. Did I purchase the cream? Nope! Hi! Doc, if you really care, tell the why and how. If you really care, give realistic suggestions. I canceled the 3rd appointment today. My son is still looking forward for a cream for the stretch marks.

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