Thursday, August 2, 2012

Embedded Librarian Challenge Three: Understanding the Context

As the course progressed, my role as an embedded librarian seemed to evolve into something unexpected. After the students and faculty came to me with some questions, I realized I had to spend time understanding the context, such as:

  • what instructor expected students to accomplish 
  • instructor's criteria to grade students' papers 
  • how to write a scholarly paper 
  • how to cite and reference in APA format
  • what students were required to read
  • what supplemental materials students had access to
  • what resources students were expected to use for their papers
This is more than an one-time-shot lecture or presentation! More than just helping students searching for and retrieving information. To embrace these challenges, I spent time doing the homework: 
  • went through course syllabus carefully
  • read and understand instructor's grading rubric for course papers
  • reviewed instructor's class presentation slides by modules
  • requested an access code from the college to review supplemental online materials (e.g. quizes and assignments) associated with the course required textbook
  • learned about chapters of the course required textbook
  • contacted the instructor when I had questions
  • got myself familiar with APA book 6th edition 
The homework really injected me with confidence providing assistance to students and the instructor. Now students' grades were distributed and my work was done, and as commented from the course instructor, done beautifully!