Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A Happy and Typical Wednesday

My day started with the good news: LISTEN grant will fund my travel to MLA 2010 in Washington D.C. Another good new arrived in the mail. I was awarded the MLA CE Grant to take this eight-week curse: Evidence-Based Medicine and Medical Librarian taught by Connie Schardt and Angela Myatt. I wanted to take this course long time ago and now I felt my dream came true finally!

This is my big day in 2010! Other than the good news, I think I had a productive and enjoyable day:
  1. Finished reviewing and editing two articles for our library newsletter;
  2. Had a phone consultation with a PhD student on how to search PubMed and CINAHL effectively. We also talked about how to use EndNote to collect references in these two databases;
  3. Showed a faculty member and a student how to use the book scanner;
  4. Accidentally found links not working within our online databases due to our domain name change. Reported the problems to the E-Services Department and they got fixed instantly;
  5. Two hours staffing the Reference Desk;
  6. Of course, enjoyed the sunshine during my one-hour lunch break.
I really enjoy my job and I know I will have a good day tomorrow!