Friday, May 31, 2013

Google Form Settings: Need Help!

I found out today with the new Google Form, anyone with the link to my form can edit and make changes to my form. Terrible! After some digging and trying in different browsers on PC and MAC, I still can not figure out how to control the access setting the way it used to be. See the screenshots  Google Form sharing settings:

New Google Form Sharing Settings
With this new setting, the access level options disappeared, so that I was not able to stop "anyone with the link" to edit my form, post-class survey I created for the students. I certainly don't want students to edit the survey questions. Now they can if they want to.  

Old Google Form Sharing Settings
I like the old settings. However it applies to response spreadsheet not the actual entry form. If you read this post and if you know a way to change "edit" to "view", please leave a comment or contact me: Thank you!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

True Reward from the Embedded Librarianship

It's been a year since I started embedding library services into academic courses with the College of Nursing and the College of Allied Health.  This email message makes my day! It tells all what embedded services mean to the students.