Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Twitters and Tweets

I have been on Twitter for almost 8 months now and
I found it very interesting and amazing that people post information in less than 140 characters. The screen shot is a list of my top 10 favorite tweets ending at 11 am, Dec, 8, 2008.

From my perspective, what's good about twitter?
  • It feeds me with the information I need quickly and saves me time to look around
  • It trains me moving toward a networked librarian
  • It opens up a colorful virtual world and I see myself swimming with those smart and informed people
  • It tells me what my peers are reading, thinking, and experiencing
  • It inspires me in many ways both professionally and personally
When starting using Twitter, I felt a wast of time reading those updates. However, I also saw its potential and some benefits. It took me a while to decide whose updates I would like to follow. Yes. Doing homework is essential in order to know your niche and follow the right people to get the right information. Twitter is becoming attractive to me.

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