Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Going to Woods Hole, MA

I'm extremely grateful to be awarded BML/NLM fellowship to study biomedical informatics in Woods Hole, MA from September 20-26. When I was informed I was put in the waiting list, I already had a plan to send in my application again for next year. I think I'm just that lucky! Someone canceled the trip and here I'm getting ready to go!

I have been co-instructor in Informatics for Healthcare since 2006 and got involved in teaching library sessions in Dental Informatics course this year, but I still feel nervous as to limited knowledge about what it is and what I'm going to do there. Looking at the course schedule and the required reading list for each day, I feel the intensity and challenge I'm going to face.

Despite the feeling of uncertainty, one thing I'm pretty sure is that I'm going to enjoy the training and learning experience. There are 30 participants from 30 different institutions across the country. The experience will enrich my knowledge as a medical librarian, but may look at informatics from a different perspective.

I've got words from my director that when I return from this one-week intensive course, I would be our library's biomedical informatics professional and liaison to the campus for this initiative.

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