Monday, June 8, 2009

EBM Survey Results

Last year, we surveyed practicing medical librarians related to their roles in supporting and enhancing evidence-based medicine (EBM) practice and here are the preliminary results on the 11 multiple choice questions. We got a total of 596 valid responses to the survey questions with 51 % coming from hospital libraries, 42% from academic libraries, and 7% from special libraries. Some survey result highlights:
  • The most frequently reported role is to provide EBM research to users, followed by teaching EBM, and contributing to EBM initiatives in their institutions.
  • Hospital librarians are most active in providing EBM research.
  • Academic librarians are most active in teaching EBM.
  • Attending journal clubs, morning reports, and medical rounds is not a popular responsibility among medical librarians.
The survey results were presented at the Canadian Association of Information Science (CAIS) 2009 Conference and published in the conference proceedings. Here is the presentation:

Our next step will be looking into librarians' comments to get some idea about what they really thought about their EBM roles.

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