Monday, March 30, 2009

Communications: Campus vs Library

My library just joined Twitter, a step forward to get into the loop of social media. This is not one person’s initiative or one person's passion at the library, it is a decision from the library's Reference and Outreach Service Department. The first idea was to publicize library's resources and services and the second idea was to explore possible channel to deliver library services. To make this communication channel effective and helpful, it would be interested to know and look around how UTHSC campus communicates with faculty and students. Thanks for Brian Mattews' post that sparked my idea to look around. I especially like this and would like to share with my blog readers:

"Stop thinking about just the library for a moment and consider how others on campus communicate with students as well. How can you work together with them?"

Let's compare: --- Yes. The library just opened a Twitter account. ---
No. ---
No. ---
Yes. The library has a delicious a account. ---

How can/should the library communicate with campus?

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