Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Rachel 's Unstuck Strategies

We sometimes got stuck no matter we were new to the profession or even at junior or senior level. At the Southern Chapter of the Medical Library Association (SC/MLA) Annual Meeting last week, Rachel Singer Gordon gave a wonderful speech about how to get unstuck when difficult episodes appeared. Here are her 12 strategies to get unstuck:
  1. Set goal: realistic and small objectives
  2. Address your own mindset: identifying negative thoughts and what drew you to the profession
  3. Identify and overcome obstacles
  4. Defeat the status with bias: trying one little change every week
  5. Defeat procrastination: go back to your goals
  6. Get by with a little help from your friends
  7. Keep learning and innovating
  8. Cultivate resilience and neoteny (carry youthful characteristic into adulthood)
  9. Go around if you can't go forward
  10. Realize that change is inevitable
  11. Be proactive: don't sit around waiting
  12. Work from a place of personal and professional power: realize your value and skills
Are you inspired?

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