Monday, March 10, 2008

RSS feeds at the library

RSS could be used in several ways at the library. RSS feed for library newsletter to tell people what is happening in the library. RSS feed for new books to alert library patrons about new books at the library. RSS feed for library podcast. On a frequent basis, our library produces podcasts on a series of topics in using library resources. Patrons can register to get updates on new podcasts. RSS feed for database topic searches and alerts to journals' latest table of contents.

Library patrons can use RSS feeds to organize information and keep current on their research area, such as get updates about news, stay current on topics of their interest, collect blogs of their interest and share information with their colleagues, etc. RSS feeds can bring all the latest information in one location and save time to search for the information in databases or the Web again and again.

Lots of potentials using RSS feeds for librarians to explore. The question is "if we build them and promote them, are they going to be used?" Changing patrons behavior of organizing information is a hard shell. Breaking the shell needs time and effort. Even among librarians, many have never used Web 2.0 tools to organize information either personally or professionally, let along implementing and persuading patrons to try new things.

I believe Web 2.0, the new generation of web services, will play an important role in the future of library services. Whether we like it or not, it will change the way libraries provide services.


Crystal Lobna said...

Hi My name is Lobna and I work at a library in Egypt, to call it a Medical library would be a kind of stretch since it's only a room filled with medical books with internet access to various databases including Dynamed inside a Medical center, being new to this whole thing. Anywayz my main question is what is RSS, I heard tons of librarian talk about (online) but I had no idea what it is? sorry if i bothered you

Lin said...

Hope this will give you some idea: